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involved in South America, wasn't he?


He was very much involved in South America. But he was not involved in the Inter-American Press Association. He was Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America. And I was involved in the Center for Inter-American Relations as a trustee for a while. I guess he was involved in that too, although it was mainly David's doing. No, Nelson started it and David really kept plugging at it. More as a memorial for Nelson than anything else I think.

Why was I involved? It seems to me that while I had no systematic relationship we kept running into each other in one guise or another for years and years. I can't remember. I remember having lunch on Fifty-forth Street with Nelson and Terry Sanford. That had something to do with an educational effort that we were in. And Terry Sanford became president of Duke, and was that for many years. And of course, now he's a Senator. As a matter of fact, I supported him. Nelson was a great champion of Terry Sanford's. Of course, Nelson was a great champion of a lot of things.


Did you ever get involved with his political aspirations?


Not actively. I remember being at the convention at which he was booed, practically booed into oblivion by the Goldwater forces. He and that other fellow, George Romney. The man who ran American Motors? Who was also running for President, from Detroit? It's amazing how fleeting fame is in the political arena too, because he was actually a major candidate for the Presidency. He stumbled so

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