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And you really have to be very impressed with them. They are about as different, one from the other as can be.


Describe them.


Nelson was a most gregarious, hale fellow well met. He was always practically standing with his hand out in front of him to shake hands with anybody and everybody. And he would always say, “Hi fella, how are ya.” And he was a great salesman. He had a great problem. He was really very seriously dyslexic. And the business of making a speech was really quite difficult for him. Because he just had trouble reading. Somehow or the other he overcame it. God knows he made enough speeches before, shall we say, his untimely death. He was also a lot of fun. And his interests were, of course, enormous. He was the great, of them all I suppose, he was the greatest of the builders. And he really memorialized himself by rebuilding Albany. That whole area in Albany which everybody poo-pooed, twenty years later really looks pretty grand. I've been there recently and I looked at it and said, “That's not bad.” Yes it was expensive, it only cost the state about a billion and a half, instead of the two hundred million that he said it would cost. But I guess that's what makes civilizations.

David is-


Let's stay with Nelson for a minute. What kinds of dealings other than pleasant social ones did you have with him? Did he ever get involved in the Inter-American Press Association? He was very

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