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lines,” the way [ ] Hearst does, or the other “press lords”, [ ] Beaverbrook and so on would do. He would want to argue, win the case by argument, and he accepted the fact that he would lose a case by argument, and quite a few times he did lose the case by argument. A lot of the people on the outside would be surprised because they would see something in one of the publications that clearly did not reflect Luce's views at all. They would chide him about it, and he would say, “Well, you know, I have to have the best people, if they win the argument, they win the argument. That's that”. He understood the importance of organization, the importance of getting the best staff possible, of rewarding them psychically as well as financially. They were very well paid, and of course, it was great fun working there. He was an enormously involved person. He had to know about everything that was going on in the world. He was forever asking questions, and he was forever asking for reports on one subject or the other. Not just editorial, he was also a very good businessman as you can tell by the success of the magazine.

He had a dirty trick which he used on me quite a few times. That's used on everybody else too. Namely, he would bone up on a subject and then he'd call you up and say, “Now Andrew, what do you think about [x]?” You know, it might be the price of paper, or some esoteric subject. Of course, he always had you at a disadvantage because he'd done all his homework and there you were looking rather dumb. [laughs] I remember that happening to me quite a few times, and I know it happened to a lot of other people. But he was always worrying about organization, and table of organization. “Are the right people in the right spots? Are they working together in the

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