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his really “personal” assistant, and did a lot of his dirty work for him, and had a considerable influence on him. And actually, Allen is still around and about in New York City, and it might well be worth while for you, if you want to know more about Harry--Allen Grover knows it all, and I mean all. Whether he will tell all or not is another matter. But if you want me to, I'll call him. Because Allen sort of sat outside his office, or sat in the office next door, and for a long time was a combination of lieutenant and messenger boy for Harry, doing some of his dirty work and passing on the word, and all of that. Allen is exactly the contrary of Harry, very smooth, elegant, polished character.

But those would have been the people who in the company had influence on him in those days.


Was Larsen the closest to him in the company?


Larsen would have been the closest to him in the company over the last twenty, twenty-five years. But that was not a “close” relationship. You know, they didn't go out and drink together. I guess they may have gone boating sometime together, or something like that, but--


Does the name Mary Bancroft ring a bell?


Yes, slight bell. She was one of the two sisters, I believe, who own--

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