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really deal with that kind of a crisis.


But that adversarial situation that you described in '73, and for those first few years--was that also a comment on Bok's inability to change that situation, to make it a more constructive or work-along Board?


Well, Bok--


Was there an attitude toward BOK in there?


Somewhat. I suppose it was in part Bok's fault, but one of the things that as a businessman always fascinates you is that, when a university goes out to get a new president, the odds are that they are going to pick somebody who has practically no administrative ability, proven ability, or experience! And sure enough, when they picked Bok--as it turns out, it was a great pick--but the plain fact was that Derek Bok's administrative experience consisted of three years--two years or three years--as dean of the Faculty of Law. Period. That's all--apart from that he'd been a teacher and a writer. And here he was, suddenly running an institution that had 15,000 students and 14,000 employees [laughter], and power dispersed all over the lot, so that even the president had difficulty in finding it.

And he did not find the oversees to be helpful to his cause. I think if he had his way at the time, he would happily have disbanded the body. But since it had been created 350 years earlier,

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