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if you can find exactly the right words, it stops everybody. “What do you mean, untreated sewage?” I said: “This is no way to run an organization like this!” And we then settled down to thinking about how we should operate. And what we came up with, after a few months, a scheme whereby we laid out the entire year's agenda, so that we knew that over a period of three years we would cover every unit and every kind of problem that the university was facing, always allowing an hour at each meeting for recent events and so on. But at least we had an organized plan.

I could show you--the whole year's plan is on a double sheet of paper. At nine o'clock we hear the president, and then at ten o'clock we hear from the dean of this, and then at eleven o'clock we deal with financial problems, and at twelve o'clock we deal with this, and then we have so and so in for lunch.

So we did improve the organization. And by then, Derek was much more “in the saddle”, so to speak, and much more comfortable with the various governing bodies--deans, Corporation, oversees, so on, and had really taken charge. So I did serve the first year while I was still at Time Inc., and after that--it's now been what? Six years? Seven years? I was supposed to retire at seventy, and then they asked me to stay on. And I don't know whether I'll retire--I guess I'm not even going to retire this year, because there hasn't been a search committee put together to find a replacement.

The Corporation really does now think in long-range terms. Problems--what kind of problems did we have? Well, even while I was on the Board of Oversees, I realized we were forever discussing the most god-awful problem: Harvard had a power plant in the medical

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