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area in Boston which was 60,50-60 years old.


You mean, a power plant for the Harvard hospitals?


For the Harvard hospitals. Oh, yes, I should explain, that the Harvard Medical School has eleven associated hospitals. So it's practically a whole section of Boston. And it had this old power plant.

Well, in the early 1970s, when the oil crisis occurred, somebody dreamt up a thing called “co-generation”, which is a power plant that gives you electricity, chilled-water, and heat. And it was supposed to be just the greatest thing ever. So we got involved in building a nice fifty-million dollar co-generation plant which was going to be so efficient, and save us so much money, and so on so on. It was to be built in the center of Boston. What nobody really understood was that A, the system was not exactly tested; B, environmentalists had just achieved power--they weren't going to allow us to build any God damn co-generation plant in the center of Boston come what may.


What was the energy source?


Oil. But supposedly very efficient use of oil.

So, before we even started construction the environmentalists took us to court. And though we proceeded with construction, believe it or not, today, this last week, February 6th, 1987--13 years after this--we are, at last, through with court procedures dealing with environmental issues; mainly that these fuels produce, supposedly

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