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produce, cancer-creating agents.

Now this nice 50 million dollar plant, of course, became an 80 million dollar plant, became a 100 million dollar plant, became a 130 million dollar plant, became a 200 million dollar plant, became a 240 million dollar plant--at a time when the total budget of Harvard was probably about in that range. [laughter]. So the whole issue--


But you said--you won in court? Harvard won?


I said, thirteen years later--


You won.




But you couldn't afford it anymore? Harvard couldn't--

Heiskell: [laughter]. Well, it lead to a lot of different things. We worked away at it--I suppose--the other day we were wondering how much we spent, just in legal costs. It must have been millions of dollars, legal costs. I suppose the biggest part of the cost was interest expense, because we were always being delayed, and yet we had put the money in. And if you remember--this is also a time when interest rates rose to what? Eighteen percent? Something like that. Well, that was one of the worst wrestling bouts that the university ever had.

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