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My husband, Paul C. Wilson, and Henry Bruere had been at the University of Chicago. At some time not too long after that they set up a welfare project at the McCormick Harvester Company. Whether they had previously become friend of Stanley McCormick, I don't remember. I think they were both friends of his. He was one of the youngest people in the outfit who was of their year and generation. The younger branches of the McCormick family were interested. They younger branches of the McCormick family were interested. They had a good restaurant which was cheap; they had recreation and some attention to welfare. It was paternalistic, as we call it now, but nothing had ever been done for working people and it was a progressive project on that account. It was the idea that something ought to be done about it. “These people work for us. Out of the great wealth of this company and what it makes there ought to be something for them in the way of self-improvement, welfare, lower prices and so forth.”

The Bureau of Municipal Research was getting started in New York. I don't know whether Henry came first, or Paul came first, or whether they came at the same time. Anyway

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