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they came to New York at about the same time. I never knew them in Chicago. I'm pretty sure that they were in New York before I went to Chicago. That's my memory of it then. I never saw them or heard of them before I came to New York. Henry was married before he came to Chicago.

Frederick Cleveland and William Allen were the senior officers of the Bureau of Municipal Research. They were picking up people to work for them.

It later turned out that Bruere, Paul Wilson and I had many friends in common in Chicago, but that was just the accidental quality of who I had known. I don't know how I met them. You know how people meet in New York. How do you meet? I couldn't for the life of me say. Somebody knows somebody. Somebody has a party and somebody's there. You see somebody several times and there you are, you know him casually. There were no great gay goings-on in those days. Life was very circumspect, correct.

I suppose I had been somewhat touched by feminist ideas and that one of the reasons that I kept my maiden name. My whole generation was, I suppose, the first generation that openly and actively asserted - at least some of us did - the separateness of women and their personal independence in the family relationship. There was always talk about, should a man support his wife, or should he say.

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