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Irene Gibson was a board member of several child welfare agencies and committees. They had an idea of their own. They wanted mothers pensions, but they wanted them right. They wanted them so that mothers pensions were really used for the welfare of the children and not for the neglect, not giving women money just because they were widows, but because they did something. They wanted some supervision.

I introduced Mrs. Gibson to Paul Kennedy and we went down to call at Oliver Street. This was the time when Smith had a neat little house in Oliver Street, just like all the others. It was a nice pretty little brick house, but small- Oliver Street type. But it was just as neat and tidy on the outside as can be, with the sidewalks swept, steps clean, and everything in nice repair about it. I remember Irene said, “This looks very nice, looks very nice.”

We rang the doorbell and the door was opened by a very pretty woman - youngish, with a pretty little house dress on and a little apron with ruffles around it on her. She had dark hair, pretty eyes and was plump. That was Katie. That was Mrs. Smith. She was very nice. We told her who we were and that we wanted to see Mr. Smith. She said, “Well, come right in and sit down. He'll be in in just a minute. He was home and he just went around the corner for a minute. He'll be right back.” She was

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