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didn't know that I was entitled to all the rights and privileges of a high officer of government. I just thought I had duties to perform and must jolly well find out how to perform them, and where.

As I look back on it now, I realize that the outgoing Republican administration was bitter, sour, mean and they hated to give up power like nothing at all. They just hated us for having been elected. I never heard from a single soul in the Department of Labor, except Grace Abbott, whom I knew. She was a personal friend. I also heard from Mary Anderson, who was also a personal friend. They were among the friends who sent me letters and telegrams of good will and congratulation when they heard of it.

However, I never heard from anybody in the upper works of the Department. I never heard from the secretary, the Assistant to the Secretary, the Assistant secretary, or the Secretary's secretary. So far as the present incumbent of the Secretaryship of Labor was concerned, I just didn't exist. Curiously, I had expected to hear from him. I just figured what I would do. I expected to hear from Mr. William Doak right away. I hadn't expected much of anything else, as I didn't know about the inauguration committee, but I did expect to hear from the man whom I was succeeding. I thought he would write me and say something appropriate such as, “I

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