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that many problems arose on account of the public hearing that wouldn't have arisen in NRA otherwise, began holding hearings on these codes. I don't remember which code this was, but in some code - pernaps the mercantile code - which had a lot of these unfair marketing practices in it which were to be agreed upon to be prohibited, there was a hearing held, and at this hearing Leon Henderson appeared. He came down from New York with a group of people. He was a statistician and semi-economist - not really an economist - attached to the Russell Sage Foundation. He had been studying, under the Russell Sage Foundation, loans, loan markets, and loans as they affect the poor, including pawn brokers as well as legitimate lending operations. He had also been studying some other things which I've forgotten. At any rate, among other things he had been studying were prices of necessities of life as they move in a great city like New York and as they affect the standard of living of the working people. He appeared at one of these code hearings.

By this time the three ring circus was going on so rapidly in Washington that I never knew from day to day what code hearings or what other hearings they were holding. I had ceased to be able to attend all of them as I tried to originally. After I got the Labor Advisory Committee appointed, I thought that the labor committee people could turn out for

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