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there hearings. I always had somebody from our Department there. I didn't go to them myself, but some body from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or some other part of the Department, always went. The Women's Bureau proved to have good people to send over. Even the Children's Bureau had people who had economic ideas and could know what was going on.

At one of them anyway this Leon Henderson appeared. Mary Rumsey telephoned to me in the middle of the afternoon, saying, “This extraordinary man has appeared at this hearing. He says that this code (whatever it was) is just going to be terrible on the buyers. It's going to rat se the prices, is going to affect the standard of living of the poor, and so forth. He's very effective, but he and Johnson are having a most terrible fight. I've never seen anybody behave so. He denounced Johnson. He shook his fist at him, and Johnson shook his fist at him. They're having a dreadful time and it's going to be a public scandal. What do you think I ought to do? After all, I'm the head of the Consumers' Advisory Committee and if it's going to affect consumers I'd better do something.”

I said “go and tell the General to tell Henderson that it will be studied by the Consumers' Committee, and that he won't adopt the code until the Consumers' Committee has made

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