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that they need no longer continue with these negotiations. They were ruining all possibility of complete negotiation. He directed them to go out. He didn't mention the National Guard, but they Nere just outside the town. He went from one factory to another saying that. The men left. When it was time for them to leave that afternoon, the next shift didn't come in.

Of course. Murphy did another sensible thing. He used a kind of flying squadron of very intelligent people and they had gone to the workmen's houses, gone up and down the streets, just as you would in a political cam paign, saying to the families, “You know, the Governor isn't going to stand for this any longer. They must leave the plants and go back home. Then some kind of an arrangement will quickly be made about their getting back to work and wages.” Of course, by this time the families had begun to worry about the wages. You can't stay out too long. The time had come, and was overripe, as a matter of fact, to go back.

That was the way it ended. They negotiated for some time and finally they got a settlement. The settlement was no better than could have been had at the begining probably. If I remember correctly, they did use this formula that they would recognize the union as representative

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