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Then there was the steel strike. One of the things that was distressing about the steel strike, and it was very distressing to such men in the company as hed swallowed herd and said that possibly they could deal with the union, and would consi cosider it was that it was an organizing strike, and not a bona fide strike. Of course, no respectable officer of the union ever said that. They always talked about the grievances. But they would tell you privately that it was an organization strike. One of the well-known techniqes for organizing is to pull the mon out. It's not too hard apparently to pull men out on strike, particularly if they've got any pent-up personal grievances, or if they've been humiliated, or if they've kind of got the idea that they aren't getting a fair deal, or if they're not treated with sympathy, or they feel they're being put in their place as second-rate citizens, not being able to join something they'd like to join. If they're told they can't join the union, they want to join the union. Right away the perversity

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