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Frank Stanton was interviewed from 1991 to 1996 by Mary Marshall Clark, associate director of the Oral History Research Office, who, as noted earlier, had first conducted interviews for the New York Times Oral History Project and then studied oral history at Columbia University before joining the office. Stanton, who was never interested in publicity, had consistently refused to be interviewed by journalists. He agreed to the oral history at the urging of Schuyler Chapin, then director of New York City's Department of Cultural Affairs. This interview illustrates the merging of the autobiographical approach to oral history with the consciousness of telling a story meant for wide public dissemination that reflects the media interests of both Clark and Stanton. A subtle reading of the interview text (which would be amplified by listening to the tapes), reveals how essential research is to the creation of a full documentary record as Stanton responds openly to direct questions in areas that he might not volunteer information.

An edited version of the interview is also available on the Minnesota Public Radio Web site.

Interview Excerpt
In 1971, when Frank Stanton was president of the network, CBS aired a news program titled The Selling of the Pentagon. Read Stanton's description of the controversy that ensued when government officials demanded access to materials CBS had gathered for the documentary.
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