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It's terrific.


-- because Jerry's conversation brought a lot of this stuff back. Then I went home and looked at my private records of where I had been, and I had in my, not a diary but appointment sheet, a cryptic note “space meeting, T.S.,” or something like that, in my own little identification, that it was secret, or that it was not something I wanted to talk about at the time. So, nobody knew where I was on those occasions. I called back and gave Jerry the date, because he couldn't remember it. Strangely enough, his files at the White House didn't have it, so he was trying to --Something he's writing had to do with it. What it would be I don't know, but -- So, I told him the people I could remember as being there, and that's why I knew that Bob Kerr was there, because Kerr was the man in the Senate who was leading the Democratic side of the Senate on legislation to get the space program funded, because it was an enormously expensive program. A very impressive participant in the meeting.

I, again, was pretty much a fly on the wall, although I did make contributions about the way I thought they ought to be prepared to handle the press and keep people, a handful of correspondents, informed about what was going on so that when it broke they had some background for coverage. I certainly had my opportunities to tell CBS News, not specifically about the meeting but to say, “You guys better get as much information as you can get on space, in case something develops there and we can have a background that will equip our correspondents better than the competition.” I never said where I got it or anything else; they could suspect I got it from my RAND period or something else, but I never disclosed anything, and I never told them anything that they could in any way use. I used my insights -- not insight so much as information -- to alert them to things I thought they ought to be getting background on, that's all, and I learned that early on, when I first joined CBS. At the

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