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said this to him, he went back down to the place in the company where they handle station relations and said, “I talked to Dr. Stanton and he tells me maybe you could use a station there.” Oh, these guys were furious! But, that's when I met him, and he got the affiliation, because at that time, and later, the business people could not make an affiliation agreement without getting a clearance with the audience research people that we needed a station there, because a lot of people wanted stations within this area, because it was a way to get local business.

So, this was a legitimate case, but I had violated the orders by talking directly to him, because the thing should have gone through channels. He went back through channels and got what he wanted, but he beat their ears off because I had violated the rule. From that point on he would call and want information, invited me down to see him in Washington. It was easy to see this was a powerhouse coming along, not that I was involved in anything having to do with Washington at that time. Oh, I was a witness occasionally, but I wasn't turned loose down there for any purpose other than as a witness. But, I certainly counted him as somebody I knew. A lot of people didn't pay any attention to him; they thought he was sort of a blowhard, you know. He was a very dedicated guy to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Then he got that election to the Senate, which I guess was the one that earned him the title of “Landslide Lyndon,” because there was a real question as to whether he did have the votes. But, there was a recount and he prevailed. So, that's how it all began. He, in turn -- I went to see him one time -- No, I didn't go to see him, I met him at a reception, and he treated me like a long-lost friend -- much to the amazement of a lot of people in the room, that this guy was spending so much time talking to me. In the course of it, I asked him something about Senator Magnuson.

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