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Getting the list, I read as meaning, “We'll see which are the sensitive ones in terms of people on the Hill.”

McNamara said: “I'll do that, but you've got to promise me you'll close the bases, if we decide to go ahead with it.”

Bob didn't say it as curtly as that, but that's what he was saying politely -- that this is a tough one to do, and I hope you mean it.

There were a lot of other things talked about, most of which I can't recall at the moment. But it was a very friendly evening. Ran quite late, and my driver found out where I was and came out to the place and was waiting for me. The White House staff got word to me that my driver was waiting downstairs, and, as I recall, it was quite late and I wanted to call -- Ruth [Stanton] had called the hotel and I wasn't there. Then she had called the office, and they went to work to try to find the driver, and they located him and they called her back. Then she understood what was wrong. So I called her.

The next day I think he asked me to come by for a few minutes early in the morning, and I did. He talked a little bit about his press relations and how he was going to talk to the people. All very upbeat and very sensible and very businesslike. I mean, there was no horseplay or anything of that kind.


What were the particular kinds of crises that he was facing at that time that he wanted your help with, or advice about?

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