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That really hurt me. But by the time--I guess by the time he had gone through two or three successors that didn't work, he began to turn to me for solace and companionship; and by the time he died we were--It was as though nothing had ever happened. But there was that immediate period, when for whatever reasons, we weren't in a very happy relationship.

I don't know how much the organization knew, but some of the senior people must have been aware of the fact that there was tension.


Were you aware at the time that the tension between you and Mr. Paley was around “The Selling of the Pentagon” fight?


Was I aware of it then?


Were you aware that that was where all the tension was coming from?


Well, the tensions were coming from more than that, but that was the most severe point. In fact, when I was into the thing up to here and was threatened with contempt of Congress and I had consoled--had reached my own decision that I would go to jail and [John] Mitchell, the attorney-general, told me that he was all set to put me in jail--right at the very end almost of that fight, I discovered that Paley went down to see the speaker of the House [Carl Albert] and was ready to throw in the towel.

The speaker, who was a friend of mine--as friendly as that distant kind of relationship could be--got word to me that he couldn't understand what was going on. Here I was trying to

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