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man who succeeded [Derek C.] Bok, have done some special chores for him, and just generally feel comfortable in that environment. Indeed, if I move to Boston, which I'm contemplating, the ties to Harvard have some bearing on that move.

I think it's a great university, probably the greatest in the world today. It has very little resemblance to the university I went to. I find it a very stimulating environment. I like the people who are active in the university and I, of course, have nothing but respect for the student body. I went back a couple weeks ago--I was invited back by the provost [Albert Carnesdale], who's a friend of mine--to spend two days having a look at the library system at Harvard. I thought I knew where the main library was and had been in it when I was on the Board, but I had no idea of the ramifications of the library system. I think there are over ninety separate libraries on the campus, all connected with fiber optics so that you can work in any one of them and get information from all the rest, or for that matter now, starting this fall, every student will have an outlet in his or her room that will allow him or her to get information out of any one of the libraries without making a trip to the library itself. Just fantastic.


It's phenomenal.


I'm now serving on what they call the Core Committee, which is the committee on university resources, and I'm on the executive committee of the Core Committee, and the Core Committee at the present time is working night and day on the campaign to raise $2.1 billion dollars for Harvard. Fantastic.


For the library system?

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