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question but that was very central. But many a glass of scotch I've had in this room, talking over the day's adventures with her and getting her reaction to what happened. Most of the stories she wanted to tell me of the--her ideas and the things she'd been reading and doing, etc., were talked over at the other table. Here was where I came home and dumped all my troubles right on the floor, and had a very heavy--She was a great scotch drinker. She was dedicated to “single malt.” She never drank to excess. I don't think she ever had more than two drinks in her life, but she enjoyed her scotch whisky very, very much. There was a period when she enjoyed a martini, but that was a very short period. It was in the late '30s. But one night I came home from a lunch I had at the Century Club with a very good friend of mine. Have you ever seen the bar at the Century?


I've never been in there, no.


Well, the next time we have--Or sometime when we have lunch I'll take you there. It's not the greatest food but it's an interesting club. There's a little bar and the man I was with was Elmo Roper and he said, “There's a scotch here I think you would enjoy.” He said to the bartender, “Let's have a glass of Glenlivet.” I took it and I thought it was spectacular in its taste. I came home and said to Ruth, “I had some scotch today that I think you might enjoy. At that time I think she was drinking--I've forgotten what it was now, but it was in a cut-glass bottle. It was a beautiful scotch, because she saved over fifty of the bottles. They were downstairs. I found them one day in the wine cellar. Anyway, I told her about this scotch and she said it couldn't be as good as what the other was but she would try it. So I got a bottle of it, and I think that's the last bottle of scotch that was ever brought into the house-- unless it was a gift--because everything she bought was Glenlivet, from that period. In fact, we were in England with a weekend on our hands, in connection with something I was over

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