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trade! [irony] But a couple of psychologists at Minnesota had done work on legibility of different type sizes and the leading of type and so forth. And I thought that the glossy stock impeded the legibility or interfered with the legibility of type. And this was just about the time that the paper manufacturers, at least in this country, were making a stock for the Vogues and the Vanity Fairs and magazines of that kind that had a dull coating but still allowed you to reproduce half-tones beautifully. And of course the dull coating certainly enhanced the legibility of the type. And I wanted to document that; that's how I got into that crazy little master's degree.

But while I was working on the master's degree, I had this dream of finding out about the demographics of radio's audience. And one of the reasons I was interested in that was that in the faculty group that I was with at Ohio State, they looked down their nose at radio. And yet I knew that the students were getting a lot of their information -- in the courses I taught I could tell from the talk and everything else that there was a lot of rub off from radio. But it didn't rub up -- it just rubbed down or sideways. And so I was interested in research and in that period there was very little market research or anything of that kind.

I had in some of my reading discovered that there was a man at General Motors who had done some market research on the instruction manual I guess is what they called it. Anyway, the thing was in the glove compartment that told you all the specifications of the car.


Yes. Very valuable document.


Well, in those days it was a very rudimentary document. And his name was

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