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Session #6
Interviewee: Frank Stanton
Interviewer: Mary Marshall Clark
New York, New York
Date: June 4, 1991


This is June 4, 1991. My name is Mary Marshall Clark. I am interviewing Dr. Frank Stanton at his offices in Rockefeller Plaza. This is session six.

Good morning, Dr. Stanton. We'll start by testing the mikes as usual -- the fun part.


Good. Are you getting a message?


I'm getting a strong message.




Okay. Let's go back in time a bit. We've pretty much been through the history of CBS through the fifties at least, and we're beginning to get into the sixties, and so I thought before we went any further with that, let's go back and see what else you were doing in the world, other than working at CBS. In particular, some of the foundations that you've worked with are quite key. Also, your interest in art and architecture was developing. We just want to get a well-rounded picture of who you are, which is very well-rounded.

So, could we start by talking a bit -- I know you've mentioned the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, of which you were, if I understand correctly, the chairman from

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