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going to be in the next day, if I was I going to work the next day. I said, “Oh, sure.” Because, I didn't say this to him, but all through the war years I worked three days a week in Washington and four days in New York. So, Saturday and Sunday were just like any other day. So I said without hesitation, “Oh, yes, I'll be working.” He said, “Let's have lunch.” So I assumed that what he was going to do was get together with a group of the executives and have sort of a working lunch to catch up on things. And indeed those of us who had been planning for the post-war period had laid out a rather elaborate plan for the company, and the introduction of television, and FM and all those other things. It seemed to me entirely proper that those of us who were working on it would be sitting down and briefing him. I didn't know he knew I was involved in that planning, so I was a little taken aback by the invitation and said nothing more about it.

That evening I called my immediate supervisor or the executive above me and said, “I guess we're having lunch with Bill tomorrow.” I would never have said “Bill” to him, but I did say “Bill” to the man I was talking with. There was a long pause, and the man with whom I was speaking, Paul Kesten, said, “Well, you're having lunch with him, but I'm not,” in a way that sort of froze me in my tracks. I thought I'd walked right into something that I had no right to get into. Then he, in a very jocular way, said, “You know how to get out to his place?” I said, “No, I don't, but I thought we were having lunch in the city.” He said, “Oh no, I'm sure that he expects you to come to the country.” Paul told me how to get there.

I listened, but I didn't tell him -- Paul -- that I didn't have a car. At the outset of the war everybody turned in their cars or put them in storage, and I had sold mine. All the rest of that conversation I was trying to figure out -- I've got the directions, but I how do I apply them? The next morning I did make arrangements with the garage where I kept my car --

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