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Bill wanted to know the name of my lawyer. I was using a lawyer at Cravath at that time. He said, “Is it alright if I get him in and talk with him about a contract for me?” I said as far as I was concerned. He said, “Can you give me a copy of your contract, so I can go over it and make sure that I get --” The relationship was that good and that close. He wanted to use my lawyer, our salaries were always the same. He didn't want more bonus than he gave me, or that the formula gave me. We were side by side. He was very good that way. There was no problem. That GE thing didn't come to pass, but the fact that I had to tell Fred Borch that he was talking to the wrong guy, is an indication of how the outside world -- Because when somebody is going to buy you, they do their homework. You'd think they would know what they're up to.

I believe that I was taken into the Business Council [American Business Council] as a non- CEO is a further indication that the committee of the Business Council just assumed that I was a CEO and never looked to see.


Was Paley a member of the Business Council?


Never. I think no one from broadcasting, no one from print. Yes, there was one man from print. John Cowles from Minneapolis was a member of the Business Council. They generally looked down their nose at anybody in communications or anybody in the press. I shouldn't have joined the Business Council. John Cowles shouldn't have either. I

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