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grape or dial me the number! Anyway, I did, and I realized then that this was more than just an ordinary human being, in his own eyes.

I had known him, I did get to know him when he was President. He had offered me a job, so it wasn't --


Which job did he offer you?



In his second term, the man he had in the job that was called, loosely, the head of psychological warfare, was the publisher of Life Magazine [C.D. Jackson]. His name escapes me now, but it will come back to me. He had served four years, had been on the advanced team that really helped Ike run the campaign in '48, and felt he had to get back to his company. Ike, as I learned later, had offered the job to Nelson Rockefeller and Nelson turned it down. I guess, if my intelligence is correct, I was either the next, or the next to the next, on the list. He had me down and told me he wanted me to take the job. We had a long discussion, I wasn't qualified for the job and I told him so. He told me that his investigation indicated that I was and --


What would have been the responsibilities of the job?


God knows. It grew into the job that the National Security job turned out to be. It was between the President and the Secretary of State. It had a lot to do with foreign affairs, and nothing much to do with domestic affairs. The reason I know, after talking

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