National Arts Journalism Program
2950 Broadway, Mail Code 7200
New York, NY 10027

tel: 212.854.1912, fax: 212.854.8129
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Christopher Reardon–1998
Freelance writer (New York)

Orla Swift–1997
Theater Critic, Raleigh News & Observer

Jellichje Reijnders – 2005
Freelance (The Netherlands)

Laura Sydell–1999
Senior Technology Reporter, "Marketplace"

Ray Rinaldi–2001
Assistant managing editor, Features and Arts, Denver Post

Valerie Takahama-2004
Staff writer, Orange County Register

Eddie Rollins–1999
Arts Writer (Montgomery,AL)

Kristin Tillotson–2003
Columnist and reporter, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Carlin Romano–1998
Literary critic, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Laura Tuchman–1995
Executive producer, Living and Travel,

Mark Rozzo – 2005
Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA)

Lily Tung-2004
Segment producer and writer, KRON TV (San Francisco)

Ralph Rugoff–1997
Director, California College of Arts and Crafts

Lesley Valdes–1996
Classical music critic, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Jowi Schmitz – 2005
Freelance (The Netherlands)

Hollis Walker–1997
Freelance writer and editor (New Mexico)

Joshua Seftel–2003
Freelance film producer (New York)

David Warner–2002
Freelance arts writer, (Burlington, VT)

Holly Selby–1999
Arts reporter, The Baltimore Sun

Jerome Weeks–2000
Book columnist, The Dallas Morning News

Craig Seligman–2002
Book and film critic

Lawrence Weschler–1999
Staff writer, The New Yorker

Elda Silva–1999
Feature writer, San Antonio Express-News

Calvin Wilson–1998
Editor and writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Danyel Smith–1997
Freelance music writer and novelist

Michael Wise–2003
Contributing editor, Architecture

Gordon Sparber–1996
Freelance music writer (Winston-Salem, NC)

Douglas Wolk–2003
Freelance arts writer (Portland, OR)

David Streitfeld–1996
Technology reporter, The Los Angeles Times


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