Constitutional Description

"Article IV. Section VI. It shall be the duty of the Scriba to keep the minutes of the Society in books provided for the purpose, to take a roll of the members, which he shall call at the opening of each meeting, to place upon the minutes the names of all prize-winners, to transcribe upon the books all new laws and amendments, subscribing his name and the date thereof, to notify committees of their appointment and the duties assigned to them, to notify candidates of their admission to membership, to count votes at the general meetings, and in general, to perform all other duties, such as the reservation of meeting space, which the Society may require. The Scriba must bring a copy of this Constitution and its Bylaws to each general meeting of the Society."

The Scriba is a member of the Executive Board.


There are no prerequisites for serving as Scriba.

It should be noted that Scriba does not have to be a "he."

What To Do

The Scriba is effectively in charge of general organization of the weekly meetings and the Society's calendar. During the meeting the scriba acts as the Society's secretary, taking notes on who has spoken and on which side of the resolution, recording pieces of old and new business and any motions that are proposed, tallying any and all votes for motions and resolutions in ?secret scriba fashion, and generally keeping good record of any and all goings on at the meeting. The scriba is also in charge of Brownie Points and declaring the award for best obsequious address of the night.

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