Ghazal 95, Verse 7x


mai-kashii ko nah samajh be-;haa.sil
baadah ;Gaalib ((araq-e bed nahii;N

1) don't consider wine-drinking to be fruitless/profitless--

2a) wine, Ghalib, is not the sap of the willow-tree!
2b) wine [is] victorious/superior, it is not the sap of the willow-tree!


;haa.sil : 'Product, produce, outcome, what is cleared, what remains (of anything), result, ... produce or net produce (of land, or of anything that is a source of revenue), revenue; — acquiring, acquisition, advantage, profit, gain, good'. (Platts p.473)


;Gaalib : 'Overcoming, overpowering, victorious, triumphant, prevailing, predominant, prevalent; superior, surpassing, excelling'. (Platts p.768)


((araq : 'Sweat; exuded moisture, exudation; moisture, sap, juice, liquor; extract, essence, spirit; the root (of anything)'. (Platts p.760)


bed : 'Willow; cane, ratan, Calamus rotang'. (Platts p.207)


WINE: {49,1}

For background see S. R. Faruqi's choices. This verse is NOT one of his choices; mostly for the sake of completeness, I've added it myself. For more on Ghalib's unpublished verses, see the discussion in {4,8x}.

The commentators don't seem to take much note of this closing-verse, perhaps because it's so obviously a minor one. Still, Ghalib did choose it for Gul-e ra'na (c.1828), along with all the other verses in this ghazal.

The opening-verse of this ghazal, {95,1}, similarly sneers at the bed tree for its fruitlessness.

The bed tree is, according to Platts, either a willow tree, or a kind of rattan palm, calamus rotang . Willows apparently have no fruit, while rattan palms are said by Wikipedia to have fruits that are 'top-shaped' and 'covered in shiny, reddish-brown imbricate scales'. So we should probably imagine a willow tree, since Nazm, Hasrat, and Bekhud Mohani all maintain in their commentary on {95,1} that the bed has no fruit. But in any case this is a ghazal-world tree, and in the ghazal world, what the poet says, goes. Plainly Ghalib believes that the bed tree bears no fruit-- so, in the ghazal world, it doesn't.