The Northwest Frontier with Afghanistan

Extends through Sections 1 and 3
Tourist posters show the picturesque, romantic Northwest as it's supposed to be
Some perspectives on what Robert D. Kaplan calls "the ungovernable border"; a closer look at *the tribal territories*
A sobering view, from space, of *Kabul* and its environs-- at the western end of the *Khyber Pass*
PESHAWAR, at the eastern end of the Khyber Pass
The mountains run down southward into BALOCHISTAN...
QUETTA, and the Bolan Pass--always fought over, always bad terrain for fighting
And the mountains terminate in the harsh MAKRAN desert to the south

The First Afghan War (1839-42), despite some local victories, ended in a massacre and deep public humiliation for the British; *a British soldier's perspective*
In the intervals between punitive raids, the British tried the effects of formal darbars
British and Indian troops in Afghanistan, 1878-80, during the Second Afghan War
The "Black Mountain Expedition," 1888, and other ventures in what is now Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province
The "Indian Frontier Rising," 1897; some views of the troops and their lives
The Ahani Tangi Pass in Waziristan was the scene of a ferocious battle in 1920
Views of Afghans, Baloch, and other tribesmen, and their lives

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