script and literature sources

=I taught Elementary Hindi/Urdu for many years, and always began by explaining the Devanagari script from this chart--on the front it has the basic letters, and on the back it has the main conjuncts and other complexities. I am putting it *here* for sheer nostalgic pleasure. (And to introduce Urdu script, I used *this* counterpart chart.)

=A similar script-learning program from SOAS: [site]

=Another letter-drawing site: [site]

=A useful set of *Devanagari charts*, from the "Flagship" program at UT Austin

=For fun, check out the *Google translator*; there's also a *Hindi-Urdu script transliteration site*

=A site with basic vocabulary practice in game form: [site]

=A *Hindi dictionary app* for smartphones; an *English-Hindi dictionary*

=Pratham Books provides a series of enjoyable children's stories, each read aloud in Hindi, Urdu, and English: [site].

=STARTALK Hindi Audio-visual Project: [42 thematic video modules]

=*Hindi Urdu Voicemail*, a very clever learning device from UT Austin's "Flagship" program

=The "Flagship" program at UT Austin has an increasing number of such *excellent resources*; a special favorite of mine is Rupert Snell's presentation on *the Hindi-Urdu verb*.

=A basic online Sanskrit text, by Charles Wikner; starting in Lesson 2 it gives beautiful renderings and descriptions of the Devanagari letters: [site]

="A Door Into Hindi," the major online learning materials project sponsored by the Triangle Consortium in North Carolina. It's not all hooked up or polished yet, but stay tuned-- they promise great things for the future: [site]

="Virtual Hindi," a very helpful site at NYU, with many brief stories to be read and listened to, and glossaries to go with them; also videos, and much more: [site]

=Sean Pue's up-to-the-minute Hindi/Urdu learning site that can be viewed on cellphones and such: [site]

=A Hindi/Urdu language school in Delhi, "Zabaan": [site]; and the Landour Language School in Mussoorie: [site]; and a school called "LangÉcole": [site]

=A site that aims to teach Devanagari script to Urdu-knowers: [site]

="The Great Glossary Fair," through which we all help each other: [on this site]

=Syracuse University is developing online Hindi/Urdu instructional materials: [site]

=The University of Pennsylvania's useful language site: [site]. 

=The Bible in Hindi: beautiful script, and it's interesting to see how they translate things: [site]

=A Premchand Reader by Norman Zide (on the DSAL site): [site]
=Premchand, "The Shroud," a translation and study site by FWP: [on this site]

=Christopher Shackle and Rupert Snell, Hindi-Urdu Since 1800: A Common Reader (London: SOAS, 1990): [on this site]

=Rupert Snell, The Hindi Classical Tradition: A Braj Bhasha Reader (London: SOAS, 1991): [site]

=Ahmad, Rizwan, "Urdu in Devanagari: Shifting orthographic practices and Muslim identity in Delhi," Language in Society 40,3: [site]

=The South Asian Literary Recordings Project of the Library of Congress, with Hindi writers reading their own work: [site]

=A Devanagari-script map of the sites referred to in the Mahabharata: on the Library of Congress website: [site]

=Gaurishankar Hirachand Ojha, "Nagari ank aur akshara"-- an article in Hindi, about the Devanagari script (on the DSAL site): [site]

=BBC Hindi homepage: [site]

=India Today's Hindi edition: [site]

=an online English-Hindi dictionary: [site]

=Broughton, Thomas Duer, Selections from the Popular Poetry of the Hindoos (1814): [site]

=Kellogg, Rev. S. H., A Grammar of the Hindi Language (1938 ed.): those excellent comparative dialectical charts are [on this site]

LITERARY JOURNALS and text sources:
    ="Abhivyakti": [site]
    ="Anubhuti" (poetry): [site]
    ="Bharatdarshan": [site]
    ="Geeta Kavita" (poetry): [site]
    ="Kagaaz (a literary journal by Tyler Williams): [site]
    ="Shabdankan": [site]

=A neat little anecdote that will amuse those who know the Devanagari script in alphabetical order: [site]

=About our annual spring workshop on *South Asian (and especially Hindi/Urdu) texts* at Columbia

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