some useful online resources

==>The Urdulist, a small listserv for serious students of Urdu literature: *here's how to subscribe*. Many queriescan usefully be addressed to the List. <==

==There's also Adabiyat, a list full of Persianists and such; *here's how to subscribe*

=Annual of Urdu Studies, an excellent resource for serious students. Later issues, edited by Prof. M. U. Memon, including an archive: [site]. Issues from 1981-1990, edited by Prof. C. M. Naim, online through DSAL: [site]

=Faiz-e-Zabaan, an indexing and access project for Urdu literature: [site]

=Journal of South Asian Literature (formerly Mahfil) also contains a number of good articles: it's online through DSAL: [site]

=*THE DATELIST OF URDU LITERARY FIGURES*, an ongoing project created by S. R. Faruqi, F. W. Pritchett, and A. Sean Pue. It is now (as of 2003) a database housed on Sean Pue's website, so he will be the chief maintainer from now on.

=Aaj (Karachi), an Urdu literary journal online: [site]

=Abdul Haq, Qava'id-e Urdu (1914): [site]

=Abdul Qadir, The New School of Urdu Literature (1898) and Famous Urdu Poets and Writers (947): [on this site]

=Adabi Duniya, a youtube channel with many readings of short stories and poems: [site]

=Ahmad, Rukhsana, translater and introducer: We Sinful Women: contemporary Urdu feminist poetry, including the original Urdu (1990): [on this site]

=Anis, Mir Babr 'Ali: his most famous marsiyah, with study helps: [on this site]

=M. Asaduddin, "The Exiles Return: Qurratulain Hyder's Art of Fiction," Manushi 119: [site]

=Azad, Muhammad Husain, Ab-e hayat (1880): available in translation (Pritchett and Faruqi) with hyperlinks to the original Urdu: [site]

=Azad, Muhammad Husain, Darbar-e Akbari: [site]

=Azeem, Anwer, "An Unforgettable Teller of Tales." Social Scientist 29, 334-35 (2001). A tribute to Manto, originally composed in 1955: [site]

=Baidar Bakht and Kathleen Grant Jaeger, An Anthology of Modern Urdu Poetry, vol. 1 (Delhi 1985), translations with facing texts in Urdu: [on this site]

=Bailey, T. Grahame. A History of Urdu Literature (1932): [on this site]

=Chughtai, Ismat, "Chauthi ka jora" and related materials: [on this site]

=Court, Henry, trans. Araish-i-Mahfil; or The Ornament of the Assembly (1882). A literal and enjoyably footnoted translation of the work about India by Sher 'Ali Afsos: [site]

=Dawn (Pakistan), a weekly magazine, often has articles about Urdu literary topics: [site]. Its online archives are limited to a month or so; fortunately most of its past issues are available in a searchable archive maintained at the Univ. of Virginia: [site]

=Davis, Dick, "On Not Translating Hafez," The New England Review 25,1-2 (2004): [site]; very relevant for Urdu ghazal too!

=Dictionary of Islamic Philosophical Terms (M. Saeed Sheikh, 1970): [site]

=Farooqi, Mehr Afshan. "The Secret of Letters: Chronograms in Urdu Literary Culture," Edebiyat 13,2 (2003), pp. 147-58; in pdf format: [on this site]

=Farooqi, Mehr Afshan. "Akhtar Husain Raipuri (1912-1992)" (2012), Dawn: [site]

=Faruqi, Shamsur Rahman. This site provides a whole page of links to many of his major articles in English.

=Faruqi, Shamsur Rahman-- an informal FESTSCHRIFT for him, edited by Satyanarayana Hegde, contains many good articles.

=Forbes, Duncan. A Dictionary, Hindustani & English (2nd ed., 1866): [site]

=Forbes, Duncan. The Adventures of Hatim Tai (1830): [site]

=Fort William College: workshop materials, 2010: [on this site]

=Ghalib, Mirza Asadullah Khan: "A Desertful of Roses," an online study of his (published and unpublished) Urdu ghazals, by FWP: [on this site]

=Gyan Chand Jain. "Urdu Poetry and its Genres" [urduu na:zm aur us kii i.snaaf], Shabkhun 138 (1985): [on this site]

=Hali, Altaf Husain, the Musaddas and "Justice for the Silent" and Majalis un-nisa and so on: [on this site]

=Hook, Peter. Some experiments in the English ghazal. Unpublished; made available by the author here only, for classroom use and discussion: [site]

=Husain, Iqbal, "Akbar Allahabadi and National Politics," Social Scientist 16, 180 (1988): [site]

=Hyder, Qurratulain: she talks about her life in an interview with BBC Urdu: [site]; a tribute by Azra Raza, Aug. 2007: [site]

=Hyder, Syed Akbar, "Recasting Karbala in the Genre of Urdu Marsiya," Sagar (spring 1995): [site]

=Insha'allah Khan Insha: materials for the 2007 Urdu-Hindi workshop: [on this site]

=Intizar Husain, Basti, in FWP's translation: [on this site]; and links to other sources on him: [on this site]

=Iqbal, Sir Muhammad, lots of material: [on this site]

=Jadid Adab, an Urdu literary magazine: [site]

=Jafri, Ali Sardar, "Hafiz Shirazi, 1312-1387/89." Social Scientist 28, 320-21 (2000): [site]

=Kahf, Mohja, "Chaste Love to Explicit Sex: Three Types of Arabic Love Poetry," Muslim Wakeup, June 18, 2004: [site]

=Kathwari, Rafiq: New translations of some of Iqbal's poems, online at nycbigcitylit.com: [site]

=Kellogg, Rev. S. H., A Grammar of the Hindi Language (1938 ed.): those excellent comparative dialectical charts are [on this site]

=Lal, Vinay, "The Courtesan and the Indian Novel," on his own "Manas" website: [site]

=Lelyveld, David, "Zuban-e Urdu-e Mu'alla and the Idol of Linguistic Origins," Annual of Urdu Studies 9 (1994): [site]

=Majaz, Asrar ul-Haq (1911-2010), a tribute by Sohail Hashmi: [site]

=Manto, Saadat Hasan "Toba Tek Singh": a translation and study site by FWP: [on this site]

=Memon, Muhammar Umar, "Naiyer Masud: 'A passionate but calm realist of the strange,'" Dawn, Feb. 17, 2013: [site]

=Minault, Gail, "Delhi College and Urdu," Annual of Urdu Studies 14 (1999): [site]

=Mir, Ali Husain and Raza, Anthems of Resistance: A Celebration of Progressive Urdu Poetry (New Delhi: Roli Books, 2006): [on this site]

=Mir, Ali Husain, "The Poetry of 'No': Sahir Ludhianvi's Progressive Experiment," in Outlook India, July 29, 2004: [site]

=Mir, Raza, "Dream and Nightmare: Urdu Progressive Poetry's Flirtation with Modernity," in Ghadar 5,1 (Feb. 21, 2002): [site]

=Mir, Mir Taqi, "A Garden of Kashmir," an online study of his Urdu ghazals by FWP: [on this site]

=Mir Amman Dihlavi, Bagh o Bahar, or the Story of the Four Dervishes (1804), trans. by Duncan Forbes (1874): [on this site]

=Murtaza, Riffat: The short-story writer's own site, where she presents texts of many of her stories and discusses them: [site]

=Muse India 14 (July-Aug. 2007): "Urdu Literature Today": [site]

=Naim, C. M., a website for his work: [on this site]

=Naim, C. M., "Two Amazing Achievements," about bibliographic access to Urdu materials (Mar. 2009): [on this site]

=National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, India, "A Historical Perspective of Urdu": [site]

=Nawab Jiwan Yar Bahadur, trans., My Life: being the autobiography of Nawab Server-ul-Mulk Bahadur (London, n.d.): [site]; good source on Delhi, mid-1800's; and Hyderabad, 1870's-80's.

=Nicholson, R. A., Studies in Islamic Poetry (1920): [site]

==PERSIAN LITERATURE: a page of materials for background study: [on this site]

=Platts, John T., A Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi, and English. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1930's impression. Online through DSAL. The one truly indispensable dictionary for the English-speaking Urdu student. If Platts had given proper credit to the many learned munshis who worked with him, it would be perfect: [site]

=Premchand, "The Pharaohs of Urdu," trans. by C. M. Naim, Annual of Urdu Studies 18 (2003): [site]

=Premchand, "The Shroud," a translation and study site by FWP: [on this site]

=Pritchett, Frances W., Nets of Awareness (Berkeley: Univ. of California Press, 1994): [site]

=Pritchett, Frances W., The Romance Tradition in Urdu: Adventures from the Dastan of Amir Hamzah. Greatly expanded translation, available only online: [site]

=FWP-- A variety of articles and translations, taken from published work, available at this site. And of course there's also the ongoing Ghalib commentary, "A DESERTFUL OF ROSES, and the rest of the textual study sites *"Fran's Favorites"*.

=FWP and Khaliq Ahmad Khaliq, Urdu Meter: A Practical Handbook. Madison: South Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Publication Series, 1987. The revised ONLINE EDITION is now available here.

=Pybus, Captain G. D. A Text-Book of Urdu Prosody and Rhetoric (Calcutta: Baptist Mission Press, 1924): [on this site]

=Qureshi, Omar. "Twentieth-century Urdu Literature" (1996): [on this site]

=Qureshi, Regula. "Tarannum: The Chanting of Urdu Poetry" (1969): [on this site]

=Raza, Mir Ali, "The Poetry of 'No'" [about Sahir Ludhianvi], Outlook India, July 29, 2004: [site]

=Raza, Mir, "Dream and Nightmare: Urdu Progressive Poetry's Flirtation with Modernity," Ghadar 5,1 (Feb. 21, 2002): [site]. Also in Outlook India, Nov. 26, 2004: [site]

=Riaz, Fahmida, "This Too is Pakistani Literature," Dawn, Aug. 8, 2013; the poet's perspective on her own work: [site]

=Russell, Ralph, "The Islam of Urdu Poetry," The Hindu, April 7, 2002: [site]

=Russell, Ralph, "The Development of the Modern Novel in Urdu," in The Novel in India: Its Birth and Development, ed. by T. W. Clark (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1970): [on this site]

=Rusva, Mirza Muhammad Hadi, Umrao Jan Ada (1899), the whole first-edition text with a serial glossary, and much more: [on this site]

=Safdar Mirzapuri, Bazm-e khayal (1918): [site]; a collection of Urdu and Persian verses that have anecdotes associated with them.

=Safadi, Alison. The Colonial Construction of Hindustani 1800-1947 (2012): [site]

=Sauda, Mirza Rafi'-- some of his satiric masnavis, translated and annotated by Major Henry Court (1825), with Urdu texts: [on this site]

=Schimmel, Annemarie. Pain and Grace: A Study of Two Mystical Writers of Eighteenth-century Muslim India. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1976. The 'Pain' refers to Mir Dard. This book is online through NetLibrary. For CU access, here's the exact location.

=Shackle, Christopher, and Rupert Snell, Hindi-Urdu Since 1800: A Common Reader (London: SOAS, 1990): [on this site]

=Sharma, Sunil, "The City of Beauties in Indo-Persian Poetic Landscape," from Comparative Studies of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East 24:2 (2004): [on this site]

=Suhrawardy, Shaista Akhtar Banu, A Critical Survey of the Development of the Urdu Novel and Short Story (1945): [on this site]

=Words Without Borders, September 2010: "Urdu Fiction in India," edited by Muhammad Umar Memon: [site]

=Yousufi, Mushtaq Ahmad, "The First Memorable Poetry Festival of Dhiraj Ganj," translated by Matt Reeck and Aftab Ahmad (with Urdu text and oral reading): Asymptote, Jan. 2013: [site]

=Bahadur Shah 'Zafar'-- a page of material about him: [site]

=LITERARY JOURNALS and TEXT sites in Urdu:

="Jadeed Adab," an online Urdu literary magazine based in Germany
="Rekhta.org," a fine poetry text source with Devanagari script and vocabulary help
="Sherosokhan," an online Urdu literary magazine based in Toronto
="Urdu Ham-asr," an online Urdu literary magazine based in Denmark
="Kitab Ghar," an online Urdu literary magazine based in Chicago
="Urdu Book Review," a bi-monthly magazine, New Delhi
="Urdu poetry," a good overview site for checking out a variety of poets
="Urdu point," a site with Urdu poetry texts in good calligraphy
=A site that provides a set of short stories, convenient for reading practice
="Urdu manzil," a site with information about Urdu writers, especially Pakistani ones
="Urdu Dost," a general literary website
="Urdu Classic," a general literary site

=The South Asian Literary Recordings Project of the Library of Congress, with Urdu writers reading their own work: [site]; another such site, featuring poets reciting their poetry: [site]

=For people anywhere near New York City: there's the *Urdu/Hindi workshop* held at Columbia every spring

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