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Columbia University Kermit Project website conversion of FTP links to HTTP

Frank da Cruz
July-August 2021
This pages lists the Columbia Kermit Project pages that have had their FTP links converted to HTTP so they will continue to work as FTP disappears from the Internet after 50 years of faithful service [Why?]. These conversions mark the first changes to this website since it was closed and frozen in 2011. Pages marked with asterisk were also converted to HTML5 with full fluidity, W3C validated, and/or have updated or improved content.

By 22 July 2021, the following pages that contained FTP URLs had been fixed:

On 23 July 2021, the following pages were fixed:

30-31 July 2021:

1 August 2021:

2 August 2021:

17 August 2021:

The foregoing are all the pages that were visited over the course of a recent month. The remainder (below) are pages that were not visited; most of them have to do with earlier releases of different Kermit programs, or Alpha or Beta tests of them.

18 August 2021:

Plus about 100 other pages containing several thousand FTP links but these have not been accessed in a long time, and in any case are generally superseded by newer versions of the same pages.

20 August 2021:

31 August 2021:

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