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Kermit Software - What's Available and How to Get It

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Quick Access to Popular Items

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Other Kermit Programs

If you are looking for a very old Kermit program, e.g. prior to 1985, some of these are kept in special directories on the Kermit FTP site:

Old versions of Kermit programs for which newer versions have been released. These are not supported, but are archived for historical purposes.

Kermit programs for platforms which are believed to no longer exist, or redundant and/or obsolete Kermit programs that have been replaced by better ones, and also some old utilities such as cross assemblers. Some examples include Dartmouth DTSS Kermit, Honeywell MULTICS Kermit, Norsk Data Kermit, DEC P/OS Kermit, and Kermit for various Perkin Elmer minicomputer OS's.

If you have questions about other Kermit programs, first LOOK HERE.

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