112th Street Area 2012/09/15

Photos I should have taken yesterday. If I get chance I'll put the two galleries together and organize them better. Unfortunately I never did this kind of thing long ago, when I should have, to document how the area was in sixties and seventies, when Broadway was mainly mom-and-pop stores and Amsterdam (below 110th) was 100% Puerto Rican and Dominican. In these photos you can see how Broadway is now a mixture of trendy bistros, banks, Starbucks, and chain stores, with only handful of the old businesses hanging on by their teeth. And Amsterdam, too: trendy bars and bistros and highrises crowding out the bodegas, beauty parlors, barber shops, carnicerías, inexpensive restaurants, cuchifritos counters, laundromats, and other family businesses. You can see here that there are still a few but come back in a few years and probably there will be no trace.
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