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Spanish Language Drills

We present a facility for the interactive drilling in Spanish Grammar.

The following is a list of the titles available. To get any of the titles (pages), click on the corresponding "link".

Each page contains roughly 10 questions. In each of the questions, the blanks are pull-down menus, with entries that can be chosen to fill in the respective blanks, helping you visualize how the sentence will read for the different choices. Clicking on the links below each question, you may find which of the combinations available produce valid sentences, (or, when it applies, valid translations), and the reasons why.

In general, there is more than one valid answer, the number being indicated after the links. Try to find them all.

"Gloss.? is a link to quick translations of the words of the questions, in case you need them.

"Grammatical Notes" is a link to explanations relating to drills in the page. They are presented as a collection of "points of grammar", with links to the respective questions in which they find application.

"Important": It is recommended that you should do most of the navigating through the use of links and that you should reserve scrolling only for continuous text. Also, that you should wait to start work till the page is fully loaded.

Copyright 1996 Samuel Schiminovich.

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