Fascism and War

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Is it really 1914 all over again?

Peter Ackerman: billionaire sponsor of toxic NGO's

Was Allende too radical?

An American "revisionist" historian

Comments on a Samir Amin interview

Open Letter to Amnesty International on Cuba

Kurt Anderson weighs in on Vietnam and Iraq

Academic cant

The political economy of fascism

Reactions to recent anti-fascist analysis

What Richard Armitage and Vijay Prashad have in common<\A>

Ruminations on the antiwar movement

Another "antiwar" General and the Democrats

Thoughts on Arizona

Atom spies

Autumn of the Hegemon

Axis of Resistance or Axis of Compliance?

Bad Subjects, Cuba and the drug trade

Email exchanges with a Bard College human rights professor

Bard College and human rights imperialism

Bard College professors discuss imperialism and Iraq

John Batchelor meets Jon Halliday

Battle of Stalingrad

Michael Berube: amateur red-baiter

The bipartisan attack on democrach and human rights

The Paul Berman-Ian Buruma feud

Michael Berube's war on the left

William Blum

Rooting for the Bulls

Ian Buruma on "Occidentalism"

Ian Buruma, Napoleon and U.S. Imperialism

Buruma's morals and ours

Ian Buruma on Hugo Chavez

George W. Bush's history lesson to the VFW

Is Tucker Carlson becoming woke?

Camus and Sartre

Catastrophism and the left: in response to Sasha Lilley

The Chenogne Massacre

NATO, Ukraine and Noam Chomsky's deficits

Noam Chomsky jumps the shark on Syria

Noam Chomsky and his critics

Noam Chomsky, Crooked Timber and crooked numbers

Winston Churchill nostalgia?

Joseph Stalin nostalgia?

Civilian control of the military

To Juan Cole

What do Alexander Cockburn and the Norwegian mass murderer have in common?

Stephen F. Cohen is not the man he used to be

Stephen F. Cohen on the 2001 Ukrainian shoot-down of a civilian airliner

Ukraine, NATO and imperialism

The Situation in Ukraine

Colonial anthropology

Leftist conspiracy-mongers align with the alt-right

Marc Cooper: a true Annenbergian

Columbia University and evil dictators

The CPJ, the RSF, Cuba and press freedom

Creationist "science"

Colonel Gordon and the Mahdi

Snapshots of Crimean Tatar history

Cuban media and "demonization"

Cuban psychiatric repression of dissidents?

The Cuba Petitions

The death of Mark Daily

Letter to Mark Danner

Another Letter to Mark Danner

George Packer-Mark Danner pissing contest

Reply to Carl Davidson on WWII

Darfur, microcredit loan-sharks and Woody Allen's creepy son

Debating the Deacon

Carla del Ponte and the "anti-imperialist" left: an unprincipled combination

John Dinges on Venezuela

Thoughts on the Venezuelan Crisis

Haroldo Dilla and the Cuban revolution

Dossier on FBI entrapment in the "war on terror"

Did DSA suppress an antiwar panel at the 1999 Socialist Scholars Conference?

The DSP versus the archfiends

East Timor report

Eavesdropping on a phone conference

Ehrenreich on war

Understanding the El Paso killer's manifesto in context


Euston Lite

The Euston Manifesto

Fascism and neofascism

Are we threatened by "21st Century Fascism"?

FDR and the Japanese-Americans

Chris Ford's introduction to Ivan Maistrenko's "Boro'bism"

France and the USA: some comparisons

Max Frankel and the Cuban Missile Crisis

The Freedom Party in Austria: the red-brown alliance moves forward

Gingrich and Bonapartism

Dan Glazebrook slimes Hamid Dabashi

Reply to Ted Glick on the UN in Iraq

Stan Goff on fascism

Golden Dawn unites the NYC left

Goldhagen's thesis

Greenspan, oil and Marxism

The bilious Fred Halliday

Was Joseph Hansen a GPU agent?

Charlie Hebdo, Philippe Val and Nicholas Sarkozy

The latest idiocy from Edward S. Herman and David Peterson

An Iranian socialist replies to Edward S. Herman and David Peterson

is Iran conspiring to terrorize American citizens?

Patrick Higgins's war on the truth

A brief response to Patrick Higgins

Fact-checking Patrick Higgins and Daniel Lazare

Hitchens-Galloway debate

Holbrooke, Frankel and the Cuban Missile Crisis

Dick Howard: Turncoat

Human Rights Watch and hate rituals

Open Letter to Michael Ignatieff

On Michael Ignatieff's latest NY Times magazine article

Insulting Turkishness

Israel, Armenians and genocide denial

Iran, Israel and nuclear holocaust

Is the U.S. contemplating a nuclear attack on Russia?

A reply to cult leader David North on an American first strike on Russia

The Double Standard on Iran

Militant Islam and the Extreme Right

The Israel Lobby

Diana Johnstone's "Fool's Crusade"

Diana Johnstone, Ordfront and the "bombing left"

Diana Johnstone's poisonous nativism"

Diana Johnstone vs. CounterPunch

Diana Johnstone's attack on Tony McKenna

Bill Keller's hatchet job on Julian Assange"

Taking stock of Julian Assange"

The USSR, Mustafa Kemal and "reactionary anti-imperialism", part one

The USSR, Mustafa Kemal and "reactionary anti-imperialism", part two

Khiana: a review


Terror in Kurdistan

Frank Smyth, Marc Cooper and Naomi Klein

The Kurdish Pawn

Lyndon LaRouche and the left

Lyndon LaRouche: a political assessment

Stieg Larsson and the Swedish ultraright

Stieg Larsson on the Swedish Democrats

Swedish Social Democrats and Nazi Germany

Letter to Rahul Mahajan

Joanne Landy does it again

Joanne Landy does it again and again

Kenan Makiya

Michael Mann on fascism

A reply to Avishai Margalit

Can Marxism offer anything to Arabs and Muslims?

MERIP opines on immediate withdrawal from Iraq

Letter to the NY Times ombudsman

Another letter to the NY Times ombudsman

Open Letter to Media Benjamin, Phyllis Bennis and John Cavanagh

Open letter to Michael Ratner on the Nicholas De Genova affair

Bob Kerrey, The New School, Iraq and Vietnam

The "liberation" of Kosovo

When U.S. Presidents act like madmen

Worst massacre since WWII?

Michael Massing considers Iraq

Military Spending

Representing Mohammad

Voltaire versus Mohammad

Moscow gold and the Cuban "dissidents", a reply to Paul LeBlanc

Monthly Review's split personality

MRZine and the polling of Iranians

MRZine: drunk on its own rotgut ideology

Morbid Symptoms

NACLA attack on Cuba

NACLA, Michael Coppedge and 'political risk' in Venezuela

National Bolshevism rides again

Meet the leftwing columnists writing for a neo-Nazi website

Night of the Long Knives in Ukraine

9/11 sketches

The uncontrolled demolition of the Truther brain

The NY Observer weighs in on antiwar strategy

The NY Times assaults Oliver Stone and the truth

New Yorkers protest Zionist brutality

No Good Men Among the Living

A North Korea Hate Moment

Obama and the Iranian elections

Orhan Pamuk

Open Democracy, Karl Marx and Hezbollah

PBS Documentary on Iraq

Petras, Putin and Conoco

The social conservatism of the Putinite left

The Schizoid Left

A reply to ATC/Solidarity on Yugoslavia

Oil, Privatization: the Real Causes of War in Yugoslavia

Christian Parenti "reporting" from Falluja

Rick Perlstein on leaving Iraq

Petraeus's PhD

Pious warmongers

Whither Poland?

Eric Posner, his leftist allies and kangaroo courts

Letter to Samantha Power

Iraqi polls and UN occupation

The Iraq war in retrospect

Did Qaddafi's demand for reparations lead to war?

Justin Raimondo, the America First Committee and the antiwar left

Varieties of Recantation

Rendition Lite

A comment on "successful rioting"

Marxism and looting

Are riots revolutionary?

Follow-up on Joshua Clover's "Riots-Strikes-Riots"

The Rojova Illusion

Carlin Romano: racist

Edward Rothstein and the Spanish Civil War

Rotten Timber

Rules of Engagement and engaging with a NY Times reporter

Ruminations on WWII

Russia and the Far Right

The Russia Insider scandal

Tim Russert in Retrospect

The Topless Dancer, Slavery and the Origins of Capitalism

Was Saudi Arabia behind 9/11?

The declassified 28 pages and 9/11

A Serbophobe outburst in the Nation Magazine

Bill Simpich and the antiwar movement

Skeptical about skepticism

Norman Solomon: there's no there there

Sony versus North Korea

South African and Israeli apartheid: some comparisons

David Gibbs on Srebrenica

Stalin-Hitler Pact

The Hitler-Stalin Pact, Reconsidered

Paul Street, Antonio Gramsci, and understanding fascism

Supporting the Resistance?

Support the troops--bring them home now!


Thoughts on the town hall disruptions

Time Magazine: still setting the ruling class agenda

Me, my mom, and Lazlo Toth/a>

Treason of the Intellectuals

The Trenchcoat Mafia

Trotsky, Ukrainian nationalism and Kosovo

U.N. = U.S.

Weimar Germany and the contemporary U.S.: any parallels?

No, America has not entered the Weimar Era

Michael Walzer on Howard Zinn

War is Peace


Amy Wilentz on Haiti

Letter to Bill Weinberg

Open Letter to Ellen Willis

Reflections on the stalled WTC rebuilding project

The Unrepentant Marxist visits the WTC site

World War Three?

Radical takes on World War Two

A peace march for Yugoslavia

The Lessons of Yugoslavia


Howard Zinn and the myth of the "People's War"

Why World War II, Not the New Deal, Ended the Great Depression

Zizek's Lenin and Ours