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List of Figures

Figure Description
Figure 1.1 Basic Payment Systems
Figure 1.2 Payment by the Third Party
Figure 1.3 Payment by Check
Figure 2.1 Basic Funds Availability Rules
Figure 2.2 Low-Risk Items Availability Rules
Figure 3.1 Direct Presentment
Figure 3.2 Clearinghouse Collection
Figure 3.3 Direct-Send Collection
Figure 3.4 Federal Reserve Collection
Figure 3.5 Sample EARNS Notice (Text version)
Figure 3.6 Return Obligations (Text Version)
Figure 4.1 Indorser Liability
Figure 4.2 Presentment and Transfer Warranties
Figure 6.1 MICR Line
Figure 6.2 Check Processing Under Check 21
Figure 6.3 Substitute Check
Figure 7.1 Payment by Credit Card
Figure 7.2 Dividing the Credit-Card Dollar
Figure 10.1 ACH Entries
Figure 10.2 POS Conversion
Figure 11.1 Payment by Wire Transfer
Figure 11.2

Multilateral Netting on Chips

Figure 11.3

Sample Fedwire Message

Figure 14.1

ACH "Checks"

Figure 16.1

Using Electronic Money

Figure 17.1 Irrevocable Commercial Letter of Credit
Figure 17.2 Issuing the Letter of Credit
Figure 17.3 Payment with a Letter of Credit
Figure 19.1 Interest-Rate Swap
Figure 23.1

Rights of the Guarantor

Figure 23.2 Guarantor Preferences
Figure 24.1 Standby Letters of Credit
Figure 24.2 Form Standby Letter of Credit
Figure 25.1 Sample Negotiable Draft
Figure 25.2 The Players in a Negotiable Draft Transaction
Figure 25.3 The Negotiability Requirements
Figure 26.1 Liability on an Instrument
Figure 26.2 Reverse of Sample TKO Check
Figure 28.1 Negotiable Bill of Lading
Figure 28.2 Documentary Collection: Parties/Document Flow
Figure 28.3 Sight Draft for Documentary Collection
Figure 28.4 Form Collection Document
Figure 28.5 Banker's Acceptance Transaction


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