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Residents Hall Network Option

Mobile Networking Services

How To Use NINJa

Printer Locations

These instructions will explain how you can configure your personal computer to print to an AcIS laser printer. Those living in a URH/IRE residence hall or those with a MNS (mobile network services connection in the library) can utilize this service by following the instructions outlined. AcIS printers are located in several convenient locations around campus, including some residential halls.

About NINJa

AcIS laser printers are controlled by software called NINJa. The NINJa printing system was developed at Columbia to maintain print queues, prevent unnecessary printouts, keep track of print quotas, and make sure you receive your job without having to sort through many pieces of paper. Documents that are not printed within a certain amount of time will expire and be deleted from the print queue. The expiration time for each AcIS printer is shown in the list of printers.

I nstructions for using the NINJa printing system are also available online.

Supported Applications

The following applications are supported for printing. (These are the same applications used in our public computing facilities. Other applications may work, but are not supported by AcIS.)

ClarisWorks for Macintosh and Windows
Microsoft Excel for Macintosh and Windows
Microsoft Word for Macintosh and Windows

Setting up your computer

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