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Chemical, Physical & Computational Biology Seminar Series
Event Date: 2.25.2005
Day: Friday
Time: 4:00 pm
Location: 209 Havemeyer Hall
Event Type: Special

18 Feb 2005                Dmitry Kolpaschchikov (Assoc. Research Scientist)                              
                   Title: "Highly selective cross-linking techniques"

25 Feb 2005                Liang Tong (Prof. of Biology)                  
                   Title: " Fatty acid metabolism and obesity drug discovery"
25 Feb 2005                Brian Gibney (Asst. Prof. of Chemistry)    
                   Title: " Using nonnatural  amino acids in metallaoprotein design"

4 Mar 2005                 Stephen O’Brien (Asst. Prof. of Applied Physics & Math     
                   Title: "Nanocrystals and Nanoscience"  

4 Mar 2005                 Yoav Freund (Sr. Research Sciectist)        
                   Title: "Adaptive computer vision techniques for the analysis of cell microscopy movies"

11 Mar 2005               Richard Friesner (Prof. of Chemistry)      
                   Title: "Computational Modeling of Protein-Ligand Interactions: High Throughput Docking and Scoring, and Methods for Modeling Induced Fit"

11 Mar 2005               Larry Chasin (Prof. of Biology)  
                   Title: "Computational approaches to identify splicing sites in pre-mRNA"

18 Mar 2005               Barret Foat  (Graduate Student )                                     
                   Title: "Profiling condition-specific regulation of mRNA stability in yeast"

18 Mar 2005               Inese Smukste (Assoc. Research Scientist)                    
                   Title: "Chemical Genetics approaches for overcoming Oncogene Induced Drug Resistance"   

25 Mar 2005               Jack Norton (Prof. of Chemistry)                                    
                   Title: "How to measure the rates at which apoproteins take up metal ions"

25 Mar 2005               Carol Prives (Da Costa Prof. of Biology)
                   Title: "p53: oncogene or anti-oncogene"   

1 Apr 2005                  Andrea Califano (Prof. of Biomedical Informatics)
                  Title: "Using information theory to dissect genome-wide cellular networks in 
                               mammalian cells"

8 Apr 2005                  NYAS – No Meeting

15 Apr 2005                Julia Sable (Officer of Research)   
                   Title: "Control Issues: In Vivo regulation of PIP2 by MARCKS"
15 Apr 2005                Paul Pavlidis (Asst Prof. of Computational Biology)
                   Title: "Integrating and comparing gene expression studies for functional discovery"
15 Apr 2005                Dennis Vitkup (Asst prof. of Biomedical Informatics)
                   Title: "Optimality, Expression Dynamics, and Evolution of Metabolic Networks

22 Apr 2005                Liz Miller (Asst. Prof. of Biology)
                   Title: " Ensuring faithful secretion: how protein folding influences protein trafficking"                    

22Apr 2005                 Laura Kaufman (Asst. Prof. of Chemistry)            
                   Title: "Giloma Expansion in Collagen I Matrices: Analyizing Collagen Concentration-Dependent Growth Patterns"

29 Mar 2005               Hiroshi Matsui (Assoc. Prof. of Chemistry(Hunter College)  
                   Title: "Device fabrication and novel material synthese with bionanotechnology"

29 Mar 2005               Michael Sheetz(William R. keenan, Jr. Professor of Cell      Biology)             
                   Title: "Robust, Complex, Biomechanical Systems define Morphology and Function"

6 May 2005                 Koji Nakanishi (Centennial Prof. of Chemistry)
                   Title: "The Phototaxix of Chlamydomonas"

6 May 2005                 Stuart Firestein (Prof. of Biology)                      
                   Title: "A Genetically Encoded Optical Sensor of Membrane Voltage"
                                        (presented jointly with Josef Lazar)