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Neurolunch: Fall 2005 - Spring 2006 Schedule
Event Date: 11.1.2005
Day: Tuesdays
Time: 12:00 noon
Location: 800 Fairchild
Event Type: Neurolunch

Master Schedule

Fall 2005

November 1 Dima Rinberg Monell

November 8 Free

November 15 No neurolunch (SFN meeting)

November 22 Ralph Linkser (IBM)

November 29 Geoff Pitt

December 6 Chris Henderson Columbia

December 13 Umrao Monani


Spring 2006

January 31 Andrew Bass - Cornell University
Title: "Heeding the hormonal call: Tuning up auditory neurons for mating"

February 14 Wenbiao Gan - NewYorkUniversity
Title: "Imaging synaptic and microglial dynamics in vivo"

February 21 David Vicario - Rutgers University
Title: "Dissecting Vocal Motor Pathways for Bird Song"

February 28 Anthony Leonardo - Harvard University
Title: "Degenerate neural coding and hash functions"

March 14 No class Spring Break

March 21 Jakob Christiansen-Dahlsgaard - Southern Denmark University
Title: "Mechanisms for localizing sound in Space"

March 28 Sarah Woolley - Columbia University
Title: "Natural Sound Processing in the Song Bird Brain"

April 4 Colin Saldanha - Lehigh University
Title: "Synaptic and Glial Estrogen provision in the Oscine brain"


April 11 Claudia Schmauss - Columbia University
Title: "Stress, Depression and Serotonin 2C Receptor pre-mRNA Editing"

April 18 Ofer Tchernichovski - CUNY
Title: "Song Learning in the Zebra Finch: In Search for the Error Signal"

April 25 Nicolas Mathevon - l'Université Jean Monnet
Title: "Songbird acoustic communication in dense vegetation: adaptations to propagation constraints"

May 23 Paul Adams- Stony Brook
Title: "Building complex structures using simple rules: from DNA to Neocortex"