"Detroit Red"

The Prison Years and
Early Ministry: 1946-55

The Nation of Islam:

The National Spokesman:

Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement

The Silencing, Muhammad Ali and Out: Dec. 1963 - April 1964

The Epiphany of Mecca

African Sojourner, 1964

1965: The Final Months

February 21, 1965:
The Assassination and Aftermath


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Peter BaileyPeter Bailey on Malcolm's 'epiphany' about white people in Mecca

Farah GriffinFarah Griffin on Malcolm's 'new' attitude toward women after going abroad

A New Vision? The Epiphany of Mecca.

Converting to traditional Islam, Malcolm X completed his spiritual hajj to Mecca in April, 1964, and returned to the United States the next month as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.

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