"Detroit Red"

The Prison Years and
Early Ministry: 1946-55

The Nation of Islam:

The National Spokesman:

Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement

The Silencing, Muhammad Ali and Out: Dec. 1963 - April 1964

The Epiphany of Mecca

African Sojourner, 1964

1965: The Final Months

February 21, 1965:
The Assassination and Aftermath


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Robin KellyRobin Kelley on Malcolm's use of "house Negro" and "field Negro"

Ossie DavisOssie Davis on the Malcolm's struggles with NOI inaction

Davis on trying to change Malcolm's philosophy

Davis on the murder at an LA mosque

Max StanfordMax Stanford on the schism within the NOI after the LA murder

Abdul Abdur-RaazaqAbdullah Abdur-Raazaq on Malcolm's power in the Nation of Islam

Raazaq on the LA mosque murder and Malcolm's response

The National Spokesman, 1960-1962.

In 1960 Malcolm X established the newspaper Muhammad Speaks, which by the end of the decade would have a national circulation of 600,000, the most widely-read black-owned newspaper in the country. However, by this time, serious divisions developed between Malcolm X and the NOI’s patriarch, Elijah Muhammad, and his coterie of organizational leaders based in Chicago, over a number of issues. Malcolm X was personally dismayed when it was publicly revealed that Muhammad had fathered a number of children out of wedlock. He also chafed under the NOI’s political conservatism and its refusal to support civil rights protests.

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