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Ruhong Zhou

Adjunct Professor

MC 3132

work:+1 212 854 8295

[email protected]

Bio in Brief

Dr. Zhou received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Columbia University (with Prof. Bruce Berne) in 1997. He joined IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center in 2000, after spending two and a half years working with Prof. Richard Friesner (Columbia Univ) and Prof. William Jorgensen (Yale Univ) on polarizable force fields and protein-ligand binding mechanisms when he was at Schrodinger. His current research interests include development of novel algorithms for computational biology and bioinformatics, protein folding dynamics, protein-protein interaction, and ligand-receptor binding mechanism. Dr. Zhou is also an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, Chemistry Department.

Honors and Awards

Some Press Releases More information can be found on his website.


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