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Yes, before McCarthy, yes.


Or the late Fourties?


Around 1950. And he prepared me a little bit but not very much, and we went to wherever it was that I was to be deposed by the lawyer for the opposition. And the lawyer didn't appear, and sent in some excuse. It was, I think, eleven o'clock in the morning. We were to meet again, we were going to do this in the afternoon. Well Joe Welch was an enormously entertaining fellow. He also liked drinking about as much as I did. So when the other guy didn't appear we went off to a bar and drank and told stories, had a fine time, and at three o'clock went back to the deposition. And again the lawyer didn't appear so we spent the rest of the day drinking. [laughter] And, believe it or not, exactly the same performance took place the next morning. I think it was the following afternoon that I finally was deposed. But I can't say that I was prepared. [laughter] But I answered every question very straightforwardly. I knew exactly what it was all about, and I was telling the truth. This went on for a couple of hours. Then, next morning it resumed with the lawyer for the opposition then having the transcript and he said, “Now Mr. Heiskell on page ten you said...” “Yes sir, I did.” And then he reffled through a bunch of pages and said, “On page 32 you said...” “Yes.” I suddenly realized the two statements were totally contradictory. This went on case after case after case, [laughter] We obviously didn't win the case. The only benefit to me was I was

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