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reports are stowed away?” And he sort of looked at me, wondering why I was being so, I guess rude, or fresh, or something. And I said, “Why don't we do something about it?” He looked rather suprised. He said, “Well, how would you do something about it?” Alberta Arthurs is also very much of an activist. And we then did sit down and began to think about how we would do something. How could you increase the emphasis on the humanities in the public school systems of the U.S. Well, obviously you don't start nationally because that'll die of its own weight. And we said to ourselves, “You don't start in New York because everything in New York is too difficult.” And you don't start in Worcester, Massachussetts because Worcester, Massachussetts is small and all white. And if you were successful in affecting education there people will say, “Well, of course, anybody can do that in Worcester.” So by process of elimination we finally decided that we would see what we could do in Philadelphia. And she and I went down to Philadelphia and sniffed around. And found that there was at least one good reason for picking Philadelphia even though it had two hundred thousand kids in the public school system, sixty eight percent black, twelve percent S.S.A.'s, ninety percent poor. It had a terrific new superintendent of schools, Connie Clayton. A big Black woman. So we began to divise a structure that could be put into place which would represent, which would bring, which would draw the city into the whole process. So I found a man who would represent the business structure of Philadelphia and who would organize it, get support from it. We got the heads of the universities to participat in this because much of this effort was concentrated on the teachers; trying to revive these supine bodies

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