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the time he got in to his second term our involvement in Vietnam was so enormous that we were slowly getting ourselves into a nearly hopeless situation. But we still went along with the policy. Then Johnson decided to win the war without increasing taxes and started inflation. At that point questions started being raised by various people. John Gardner left the White House over this issue. [Robert] McNamara should have because he really didn't believe that the war could be won. But he was sort of a good soldier type. The situation became acute. Johnson announced on March 30, 1967, I believe that he was not going to run.

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Go ahead.


Johnson announced he was not going to run, Nixon had miraculously, I hate to use the word, recovered his status in the political world and ran and won the election. And Time Inc. was for Nixon in that election.

I'm trying to remember now. I have one memory that I'm trying to place. I guess it was in 1968 that we had a news tour. No that was later. When was Tet?


You had a news tour at the end of February nineteen sixty-nine.

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