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reading them were reading them really to find out about the U.S. more than to find out about what Time was saying about the French, or the Egyptians, or what have you. Everybody was curious about the U.S. And other than these little flare ups when we insulted the head of state there wasn't too much problem. We would be censored quite a few times but nearly always came back. The last act, he didn't know it, but the last act of the King of Egypt was to ban Time in perpetuity. Well, about two weeks later he got kicked out. Time came back and he was banned in perpetuity.

The one place where we always had trouble, and when you think about it, you can see why, was Canada. Time was immensely popular in Canada, very shortly achieved a circulation higher than any Canadian magazine. Canadians are very much like us, want to know all about us, want to read the same kind of publications, and at the same time they're also very nationalistic. And they, while they are like us they don't want to be like us. They want to be different. They want to maintain their national identity. Because Time was so successful in circulation and advertising terms, of course, the local publishers were up in arms about Time. And used every bit of influence that they had to try to get Time removed, reduced, to prevent it from having advertising, to force it to be printed there, anything that could cause troubles. And for ten, or fifteen years they did indeed cause us trouble. At one point all advertising, all Canadian advertising appearing in any U.S. magazine could not be counted as a business expense, for tax purposes. This was the bill that was being proposed. And that would double the cost of somebody advertising in Time. Final resolution of that was that Time and Readers Digest were

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